Brenda Bettinson’s Archetypes, a new solo exhibition will be on view thru Oct 15.

It is a privilege to be able to present this topical work. The theme of these mixed media pieces is timely and compelling, their execution is astounding. Visitors tell us Bettinson’s images are “strong,” “convincing,” ”amazing.” See this show and add your voice. 


A gallery talk by Cordula Mathias is scheduled in connection with Genetta McLean’s solo exhibition Abundance (Xenia). The talk will explore McLean’s approach to her subject matter. Questions from the audience are welcome.

The event is free and suitable for visitors in any age bracket.

photo credit: Melville McLean (partial view) 


Meet and Greet

This event provides you with a chance to meet the artist Genetta McLean who has given us new series of panels which are aglow with the richness of the timeless rituals which surround the sharing of food. These delightful wood panels are collected widely. McLean’s imagery would be a worthy addition to any home. Join us for this celebration of form and color.  Visit the exhibition to see the featured painting in its entirety.


photo credit: Melville McLean (partial view) 

B. Keller, Untitled,  1997

Brigitte Keller’s work is included in an exhibition in Paderborn, Germany. The works are from the collection of the city of Paderborn. Both were completed in 1997. Shown here: UNTITLED   14 x 11″  (35.56 x 27.94 cm) water color / mixed media; photo© Brigitte Keller, 2017.

Also included in this museum exhibition is Keller’s WHITE FLOWER a 26 x 20″ (66.04 x 50.8cm)  serigraphThe exhibition is called:

DER KÜNSTLER ALS KURATOR [The Artist as Curator]

Werke der Städtischen Kunstsammlung Paderborn im Dialog mit Werken der Paderborner Künstlerinnen Renate Ortner und Christine Steuernagel

12. Mai – 13. August 2017


Don’t miss the mini-show of Keller’s work currently on view in the Entrance Gallery at Mathias Fine Art. 


Peter Felsenthal is the invited speaker on July 20th at 2pm. He will talk about his award-winning book “New Growth” which celebrates organic farming in Maine. Peter will be happy to sign and personalize copies at this event which coincides with Genetta Mclean’s exhibition of new still lifes.

photo© Peter Felsenthal, 2017 


Abundance by Genetta McLean will be showing here at Mathias Fine Art from June 30 to September 3rd.

Description of Collection:

Genetta McLean’s latest offering is a suite of oil-on-panel works on the ancient theme of xenia – supplying guests with the fruitful abundance of culinary provisions. The ensemble, created using materials and methods of renaissance still life painters, may be read at various levels. Some may see the exuberant enjoyment of plenty captured in the elegant forms of the golden plums and blue duck eggs. Others may recognize the timelessness reflected in the vegetable dyed linen cloth, which could have been woven from flax last month, or four thousand years ago; the ancient Egyptian relief sculpture of the ram, hand thrown stoneware. The earth has given us food, fiber and utensils for millennia.

How shall we respect this generosity?


[Photo Credit: Melville McLean] 

Win, Place and Show, Saratoga

September 2-October 12 at the Aviation Museum in Londonderry, NH

Congratulations are due to Mike Culver. His splendid color photograph “Win, Place and Show, Saratoga” has been selected to be shown at the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire’s Juried Exhibit, Born to Fly.

Mike Culver’s works are available for purchase at Mathias Fine Art. Culver is a painter and photographer, whose work is represented in numerous private and public collections, including the Rhode Island School of Design Museum; the Owensboro Museum of Art; and the Ogunquit Museum of American Art. His photos have been shown many times in juried exhibits, including the Annual Texas National at Austin University, the National Exhibit at the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and the Maryland Federation of Art’s American Landscape National Exhibition. Mike Culver currently serves as Governor Wentworth Arts Council member in New Hampshire, and in his capacity of museum professional he is frequently asked to be a juror himself.

Born to Fly Event Page 


The Earth Remembers gallery talk occurs on September 1st from 2pm-3. Cordula Mathias, owner-director of MFA Gallery will present on Brenda Bettinson‘s latest series. The talk will range from the genesis of the exhibition to its context in Bettinson’s overall oeuvre.   The artist’s technique, presentation and creative passion will also be explored.

An extensive artist statement and other background material is available at the gallery.  Questions, connections, & feelings from the audience are most welcome and encouraged.  For more information please contact the gallery at (207)633-7404.



Brenda Bettinson’s Earth Remembers series was the point of departure for the talk given by Dr. Hart on August 17.  The audience was happy to respond with questions and supplements.  We were delighted to hear  two war poems read by their author Maine writer Michael Uhl. 

©Mathias Fine Art, 2016
Exhibition photo "The Earth Remembers"

August 17th, 2016  2 – pm

Poetry Reading and Talk

Dr Ellen Louise Hart to speak at Mathias Fine Art


Mathias Fine Art is honored to host a poetry reading and talk entitled The War Poets by Dr Ellen Louise Hart on Wednesday August 17 from 2 – 3pm. Dr Hart has for more than 35 years taught writing and American Literature in universities on the West Coast.  She has followed Bettinson’s work since the late eighties.


Dr Hart’s presentation was triggered by her reaction to the new series of paintings by Brenda Bettinson which is currently on view at Mathias Fine Art: The Earth Remembers. The paintings are a meditation on the death and destruction wrought on the battlefields of northern France and Belgium during the First World War. When she saw them, Dr Hart immediately recalled the writings of American and British poets and novelists who took that war for their theme: poetry such as those by Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Robert Graves, and the unforgettable prose descriptions of William Faulkner.  For more information contact the gallery at 207-633-7404 and read more at the link:



We are happy to announce that Daniel Kany’s article Destination Midcoast and Downeast Maine mentions Mathias Fine Art in the print edition of the July/August issue of Art New England on p. 57. Several of our artists are referenced by name and characterized as sophisticated. Thank you, Daniel, for spreading the word. 


Brenda Bettinson’s solo show “The Earth Remembers” will be on view through September 11, 2016.

Brenda Bettinson’s most recent work at Mathias Fine Art in Trevett, ME is about the battlefields of WWI.

This body of 21 paintings represents a new series, which was begun and completed in the 2nd half of 2015.  These  works are characterized by layers: layers of color, layers of meaning, layers of compositions within compositions, and layers of memory and distance.

Some of the paintings are grouped within one frame reminiscent of polyptych works. Others are individually framed.

Bettinson’s sophisticated approach to her theme lets the viewer discover much and imagine more in the layered surfaces of her masterly compositions.  For additional information see the article in The Wiscasset Newspaper


A reading of poems related to the show is scheduled for August 17, 2016 at 2pm.  The hour-long program will be presented by Dr. Ellen Louise Hart. 


Brenda Bettinson’s solo show called “The Earth Remembers

June 30th – September 11, 2016


The new exhibition is taking shape.  Framed and ready to go up. 

Gallery Talk on Sat. 18th, 2016 2:00 – 2:30pm
Cordula Mathias will speak about the selection of works included in the exhibition “Cool Colors.”
At Mathias Fine Art an exhibition of works created in cool colors: shades of blue, green, pale yellows and grays, is enchanting viewers and collectors. Paintings, original prints, photographs and even sculptures are included in this color-keyed show.
Visitors may dress in any color they like, the speaker however, will don colors matching the show’s theme.
Cordula Mathias shown here with Chris Alexander’s painting “Summer Clouds.” 


The seductive deep blue of the sea, the tempting green of fresh apples and timeless grey-green lichen-covered rocks, share wall space with abstract works pulsing with yellows and glowing with turquois.  Michael Culver’s Blue Storm is shown in this post.  This talented group of artists also include Chris Alexander, Holland Bartsch, Brenda Bettinson, Paul Feyling, Marek Halter, John Lorence, Genetta McLean and Phyllis Rees. Photography, painting, lithography and silkscreen printing impress with their expert level of execution. Several small bronzes which are finished with a green patina add their weight to this celebration of the coolest part of the color spectrum.http://www.boothbayregister.com/article/cool-colors-are/70921 


We are currently  installing Cool Colors, a new exhibition including sculpture, paintings, prints and photographs.  Works by professional artists from Maine, New England and Europe are included.  Stay tuned for more information. 



We are interested to hear from creative people in the arts who would like to introduce their work to our gallery audience. We are planning a number of events, which will coincide with exhibitions at Mathias Fine Art. These “INTRODUCTIONS” may include readings, solo performances, demonstrations of particular techniques, etc. For more information please contact the gallery at info@mathiasfineart or call (207) 633-7404. 



Congratulations to Brenda Bettinson on her new series and of course on all her other achievements!  Read more about it at this link to Lisa Kristoff’s profile of this powerful painter: http://www.boothbayregister.com/article/seeking-transcendent-through-her-palette/66433 



During March 2016 we will schedule appaointments for portfolio reviews with individual artists who would like to be considered for inclusion in upcoming exhibitions at Mathias Fine Art. For more information please call the gallery at (207) 633-7404. 



You can now follow us on Google+ or Facebook and Pinterest, where we post new work by gallery artists, news items about gallery activities, our artists and our in-house created art-related puzzles with plans for more features in development. 


School House Pond Preserve Adoption by MFA

As part of our community involvement we have adopted a beautiful land trust property which is within walking distance of the gallery.  We quote from the announcement by Boothbay Region Land Trust: “We are so excited to announce our newest preserve adopter, Mathias Fine Art! With the adoption of Schoolhouse Pond Preserve, Mathias Fine Art has not only made a financial contribution to BRLT, but will assist in the stewardship of the preserve.” 



Cordula Mathias will offer a gallery talk with special focus on the current exhibition “Maine Paintings and Photographs.” 7/16/2015, 10:30 – 11:15am; refreshments will be served. The gallery space is air-conditioned. For more information on this free event please contact the gallery at info@mathiasfineart or call (207) 633-7404. 



“Maine Paintings and Photographs” includes works by Brenda Bettinson, Mike Culver, Paul Feyling, Patt Franklin, Brigitte Keller. The exhibition runs from July to September 12, 2015.   Gallery hours are Wed – Sun noon to five pm. For more information please contact the gallery at info@mathiasfineart or call (207) 633-7404. 



During March 2015 we will schedule portfolio reviews with individual artists who would like to be considered for inclusion in upcoming exhibitions at Mathias Fine Art. For more information please call the gallery at (207) 633-7404. 



Mathias Fine Art will sponsor this year’s Distinguished Lecture at the Center of Maine Contemporary Art.  The speaker will be Jed Perl who is the award-winning art critic at The New Republic and author of numerous essays which have appeared in The New Criterion, The New York Times Book Review, The Atlantic and Harper’s among others.  He is the author of several books, most recently Magicians and Charlatans.  He is currently a visiting professor at The New School of Social Research.

The event takes place at the Rockport Opera House on August 25 at 5pm. For tickets call: 207-236-2875.  For more information click on www.cmcanow.org 


MAKING HeadLines

4 to 7 pm Reception

Join us and celebrate the heady mix of art works included in MAKING HeadLines.  The work shown here depicts Maine’s first woman senator Margret Chase Smith and is part of Robert Shetterly’s ongoing series of paintings called American Who Tell the Truth www.americanswhotellthetruth.org

Other artists represented in this head-turning exhibition are Kimberly Callas, Peter Fogg, Patt Franklin, Brigitte Keller & John Lorence.  For more information please call 207-633-7404. 


MAKING HeadLines

Gallery hours: Wed – Sun noon to 5pm and by appointment

MAKING HeadLines is a most unusual exhibition: 12 artists, some with international reputations and others of lesser fame have contributed paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture, all of which have the human head as their subject.  A wide variety of stylistic approaches and materials adds interest to this stimulating and expressive presentation.

Among the artists included in this showing are Wanda Norstrom, Robert Shetterly, Robert J. Cariola, Kimberly Callas and Brenda Bettinson who is seen here with a partial view of her painting Sons of Priam


June 6th through July 13, 2013

Gallery hours: Wed – Sun noon to 5pm and by appointment

Genetta McLean makes her debut at Mathias Fine Art with a group of meticulously executed small oil paintings.  As may be seen from her panel Wren shown here, she brings a new look to still-life painting.  Her eye-level views, glowing color and egg-shell surfaces are irresistible.

Other artists adding a different look to this show are Patt Franklin, Brigitte Keller, Brenda Bettinson, Michael Culver, Paul Feyling, and John Lorence.


Conflict #2

August 4th through September 30th, 2012

Gallery hours: Wed – Sun noon to 5pm and by appointment

Mood and Manner, a zippy exhibition showcases a fine selection of works by Chris Alexander, Brenda Bettinson, Mike Culver, Paul Feyling, Brigitte Keller and John Lorence.  Consisting of drawings, paintings, photographs and small sculpture, the title unifies this multimedia display and is the key to the show.

The image shown here is the first in a new series by Brenda Bettinson entitled Conflict.  The series consists of small mixed media works on paper.  The artist continues her exploration of war with these powerful new images. 



Gallery hours: Wed – Sun noon to 5pm and by appointment

NetWorks, the title of this exhibition, is a playful reference to the gallery’s new web-presence as well as the connectivity between the gallery, its patrons and artists.  This show offers you an opportunity to browse in cyberspace or if you will, real space chez nous.  Works by Chris Alexander, Martha Holland Bartsch, Brenda Bettinson, Mike Culver, Paul Feyling, Patt Franklin, Brigitte Keller and John Lorence will be on view. 



We are pleased to announce that Mathias Fine Art is sponsoring the Center for Maine Contemporary Art’s 60th Anniversary Lecture which will be given by Jerry Saltz.  The speaker has been senior art critic at New York Magazine since 2006, and has served as visiting art critic at a number of distinguished institutions, such as Columbia University and Yale University.

The event will take place at the Rockport Opera House on August 12th at 5pm. For tickets call: 207-237-2875.