Over time, during an artist’s career art works can be lost due to a variety of circumstances.  Mathias Fine Art would be happy to hear from anybody who has knowledge of works produced by Brenda Bettinson prior to 1980.  We know that paintings and drawings and prints from that period are in private collections in England, France, The Netherlands, Israel and North America, but many others are unaccounted for.  Any information you may have would be invaluable for the eventual publication of a catalogue raisonné of the artist’s work.



Brenda Bettinson

This is a model for one of two Bettinson paintings commissioned for installation in the meditation room at Calvary Hospital, Bronx, NY.

The fully executed painting is irregular in shape; it measures 7½’ x 20′ (2,25 x 6 m).  The second panel is entitled The 15th Station of the Cross: Resurrection; it measures 96 x 42″ (2,4 x 1,05 m).  Both works are painted with acrylic on masonite and are dated 1979.  As in other panels from this period, Bettinson’s larger-than-life figures are informed by a solid foundation of human anatomy while facial features and skin color are left in the realm of universality.  Texture from the gesso ground and uneven application of paint adds visual interest.

The paintings were removed from the meditation room sometime in the early eighties.

If you have any information about their current whereabouts and/or the circumstances or the timing of removal, Mathias Fine Art would be most grateful to hear from you.  Such information will remain confidential.  Please contact us through this website or by phone or mail.